Why your 'local' estate agent will sell your house

The Yorkshire Surveyor suggests that you are always better off with a local estate agent as opposed to a national agent or an online agent for the following reasons:

  1. It is their own business and livelihood and so they care about you.
  2. They know the area.
  3. They work really hard to sell your property and don’t just usually rely on one way of marketing.
  4. They will actively sell your house by making phone calls to prospective buyers.
  5. People find them more down to earth to deal with.
  6. Local estate agents care about their customers, working hard to make the sale.

In my experience if you want to lose money then go with an online agent or a national agent.

It is well known locally that because the local agent knows the area the get you the real achievable price. You need to be aware that online estate agents and large corporate agents will sell the house below market value simply so they can get a fee via a quick sale. They win and you lose money.

Be a smarter house buyer and choose your local estate agent. Now is the best time for buying and selling.