The housing shortage

Jon Charters-Reid writes in his book how to be a smarter house buyer- we must stop comparing the rest of England to London and its central area. What you must remember London is the housing capital of the world. The housing market figures released in London in terms of prices often falsely skew the national average house price.

Certainly in Yorkshire and surrounding areas local estate agents cannot sell houses fast enough now is probably the best time to sell your house in recent times.

One thing the recent housing shortage survey didn’t take into consideration was a huge population explosion in addition to the number of houses built which had a positive effect on the U.K.’s gross domestic product.

In his recent letter to Theresa May, Mr Charters-Reid has again suggested the introduction of 100% mortgages for first-time buyers. This will only work when coupled with making the planning process easier and providing more funding to local councils. It is my experience that local councils want to approve more planning applications but due to lack of funding and the lack of central government investment many local authorities have a planning department which is constantly working at maximum capacity.

Getting the survey on your house purchase will identify defects and repairs which could ordinarily help you better negotiate the purchase price of the property.