Cheapest house prices NOW

Just why are house prices the lowest they are going to be over the next decade? Now is the time to buy because I predict we are at a tipping point. It’s actually cheaper to buy a singe house now than it is to build one. All construction materials will continue to rise because their manufacturing and transportation process relies on oil. Labour costs continues to soar because of the labour shortage and how expensive it’s becoming for employers as Governments continue to increase the cost for employers and self employed.

So who just are the winners?

Simple buying now will allow you to make a large profit in years to come. 

Sellers ( vendors) will benefit because it allows them to buy at today prices - travel in to the future ten years and you see what I mean!

So long as you are a “ Smarter House Buyer “ and commission an independent survey you cannot lose. 

My tips for Winners

The winners will be new home owners making the right choice and considering energy efficiency.

Smart developers using prefabricated methods for producing ultra energy saving homes. 

Jon Charters- Reid an industry expert , Chartered Surveyor and author of “How to be a SMARTER House Buyer” -

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Take me here, take me there

I have been taken everywhere

Off to the coast, down by the stream

Flying solo, or sometimes part of a team

I help you with my empty sole

As that is my primary role

Of heavy burden, I lighten the load

As you travel home, safely on the road

Far and wide, I am your mate

When you forget me, you do nothing but slate

I am part of the family…just like the wife

What am I? I am your BAG FOR LIFE!


Housing Crisis Saving Planet Earth

Housing Crisis Saving Planet Earth

In 1919, the Addison act known as the housing and town planning act was passed. This obliged local councils to address the housing needs of the time. Little progress was made due to the shortage of building materials. Using newly trained De mobbed labour still made the process slow.

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